I haven’t looked at my blog for the past 3 days, it actually feels weird coming back to it. Oh well, here’s what I’ve been doing.

I have had a gorgeous bank holiday weekend off, and been pretty busy. It hasn’t been the best of weather in North Wales, but it’s been okay.  Still, I have done a lot (with the exception of 1 day), and there’s been people around to do stuff with.

Saturday was spent avoided Llandudno during the day. They have a Victorian Extravaganza bank holiday weekend that shuts off the main street in the town, so the traffic is terrible around there. Instead, we headed to Conwy, to the Marina, to oggle the obscene amount of wealth that is on display in the quay.


We stopped by for a pint and a sandwich in the local pub, which used to do amazing sandwiches, but they weren’t great on Saturday. Mine was a duck in hoy sin sauce one, but it wasn’t very nice. You can see by the look on my face.


It just left a horrible aftertaste. After a quick walk around the quay, we headed home where I lay on the sofa to watch the football results come in. I can’t decide if I’m happy or miserable Wrexham have stayed up, but there you go. After a few hours, I headed to Llandudno for a few drinks.

It was horrendously busy, and it was full of tourists. A terrible mix. The problem is that with Llandudno, you don’t get attractive tourists, just older tourists. One of them gave me a funny look when THEY knocked over MY pint, and refused to pay for it! Cheeky little shit.

After escaping Weatherspoons, we headed to the Kings’ Head in Upper Mostyn Street. They serve “Theakston’s Old Peculiar”, which is 5.6% hair growing black hole in a pint glass. Seriously. It sucked away any chance of doing anything productive on Sunday. After having 2 pints of it, I became an embarrassment to my friends, just generally a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Sunday…..lets forget about it.

Monday I was feeling much better and ready for Prom Day.


Prom Day takes over Colwyn Bay and Rhos-On-Sea’s Promenade for a day. It’s largely the same every year: fairground rides in the centre, with market stalls and charity stalls either side. I haven’t been for a few years, and it hasn’t changed one bit. I didn’t go on any of the rides as they looked terrifying (plus I don’t trust the people who run them). After walking around for a few hours, we went for Fish ‘n’ Chips, followed by Pool and a Pint. All in all, a fun weekend. Even if it did started to rain towards the end.

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