May 14th, 2007
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Blog Competition – Win A WAG’s Experience


We were talking last Friday night after training about the match on May 19th between the Colwyn Bay Fans and Colwyn Bay Staff. It was over a few beers, and we kind of bigged ourselves up a bit in a joking way, comparing ourselves to the professionals, and then somebody mentioned “are the WAG’s coming?”.

And then I thought, I don’t have a WAG for the game.

WAG stands for Wives and Girlfriends – an expression sprang up over last year’s World Cup to describe the large female entourage surrounding the England football team. I’m single, WAGless, for the closest thing I will ever be to a professional footballer.

And then I (drunkedly) thought: “Why not hold a competition on the blog to find a WAG for the game?”

So begins The Win A WAG’s Experience Competition! It may be brilliant, it may be pants.

What You Can Win

1. The honour of being my Official WAG for one day (May 19th). You join the list with such esteemed names such as Sarah and Han, and less than esteemed names such as Alyson and Lucy. This is completely non-obligational. So you could already be in a relationship, or a lesbian, it’s just a bit of fun. Nothing serious. You don’t have to attend the game on May 19th. You don’t have to be WAG like (I’d kinda prefer it if you weren’t, and none of my regular readers are!).

2. A copy of the matchday programme. There will be only 150 printed, and I may sign it too. It could be worth something in a few years!

3. A further link on my blog on the morning of the game.

What Every Entry Will Recieve

Every entrant will receive a link on my blog to their blog with a little write up, and a picture of yourself (if you choose to send me one).

How To Enter

UPDATE: Due to my ego taking a bit of a bashing (not one girl wanted to be my wag :() I’ve cancelled this competition. Got one competition that’s not gender specific tomorrow, stay tuned!

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