May 30th, 2007
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Blogging for Half a Decade


Five years ago, Derby County were relegated from the Premiership, and this post appeared on a blogspot blog.

End of!

Funny beginning a new blog with an end of one era, but that what it is. The end, finalament, etc. Today was my last day in school EVER which is certainly scary, without a shadow of a doubt.Today we went out with a bang however. The day was all day relaxed atmosphere (not as relaxed as tomorrow though), whereby photographic flashes were going on and off, and my cheekbones have been very sore due to the amount of smiling I have done. More pages have been filled in in my leavers book, and I myself have filled one roll of film with snaps of many people.So, am I sad that I’m going? I don’t know. It hasn’t really sunk in at the moment. I think now that I’m 18, and I feel that now I should grow up and move on. School (while brilliant), wasn’t without it’s faults, and now I want a few years of answering to nobody, as such.

The people at school are fantastic though, and it’s them I’ll miss most of all. As normal, I’ll do my upmost to stick with “The Gang” that I hang around with, and possibly a few more people. Also, me, Fletch, Goz, Jonesy and Debbie are all going to Liverpool Uni next year, so I’m bound to see them.

Speaking of Liverpool, Jonesy and Fletch have recieved their forms for accommodation, and Goz and I haven’t. Give it a few days though.

Now that I’ve kicked off this blog, I probably won’t write much (if anything) tomorrow. This is due to me going down to the old Weathers, and possibly the Madoc, to celebrate my first day of freedom with a right royal binge up.

Roll on the Jubilee!

Five years from that day, Derby County have won back their place in the Premiership, and what you are reading has appeared on a WordPress blog.

Amazing what goes around comes around?

Yes, the garbage posted above was my first post on “The Art of Rhysisms”, my first ever blogspot blog. I had completely forgot it was my blogging aniversary, until this post on Jane May Blogs reminded me. I’ve been blogging more than 4 and a half years than her. Amateur. I also have been blogging longer than established blogs such as Problogger (2 years, 4 months longer) Lifehacker (3 years, 1 month), Diamond Geezer (3 months) and Techcrunch (3 years, 1 month). In fact, going through my list of RSS feeds, only Scaryduck, Han and Tilesey have been blogging longer than me (Scaryduck because he hasn’t moved, Han and Tilesey because they’ve told me), and Punclox and this blog started around the same time, and also have the distinction of being probably my longest ever readers.

Have I been as successful in terms of blogging as some of the above names? No. The best I’ve done is an interview on BBC Radio Wales. But that was a while ago now. Nevertheless, there are blogs out there which get considerable more success than me – when I started out I used to resent “newer” blogs being more read than me, now obviously I don’t care. I just regularly whinge and say things like “In my day!” or “You don’t even know you’re born” and reminisce a time without Digg, Page Rank, Link Exchanges and you were not popular because of who you know, it is because you were good.

Seriously, I have been known to rant in forums. My favourite line? “You started blogging at the crest of the wave, I was there at the ripple.”

That being said, I’m happy with what I’ve built up as a hobby has made some of you happy, and even going back 5 years, it’s amazing to look back at certain dates and just smile. If I die, I dunno, I’d like somebody to take over and just keep it online. It’d be nice that.

Thank you for reading, however long it has been! You know it’s customary for people to buy people pints on their birthday. How about their blogday?

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