May 11th, 2007
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Boots Administration Staff are Blind or Incompetent


I’m rarely in when the postman arrives, usually I’ve already buggered off to work, so I see what little mail I have when I get home from work. I say “mail I have”, there are two R Wynne’s, and occasionally mail aimed at A Wynne is mine too (somehow my dentist has me down as Alun Rhys Wynne, as opposed to Rhys Alun). I had a letter today which was my Boots Advantage Card (Top Tip! When your boss gives you a Boots gift card as a Christmas present, get an advantage card and you can add an extra 20% to the value of it). The address was to me, and that and the name on the front was fine.


 In case you haven’t spotted it, not only has this card become the gayest card in my wallet (even beating “Liberty’s Loyalty Card”) with the pink writing and the flower drawn by a spyrograph, they also spelt my surname “Wynnb”. I’m pretty sure that is unpronouncable in all known forms of languages and dialects. It’s just sloppy. No wonder Boots is getting taken over. With admin as shoddy as some of the front line staff are gorgeous, whoever wins the contract has it’s work cut out.

Of course, like many things these days (including this blog), it could all be automatically produced from my handwriting. Even so, my b’s don’t look like e’s, or do they? I’m not sure, My dad has had Mr A Wynng junk mail, and – as a laugh – any thing which I believe could lead to a consumer survey I fill in as Reverand Rhys Wynne, Sir Rhys Wynne, Dr. Rhys Wynne etc. It still makes me laugh when I get mail as “Rear Admiral Rhys Wynne”.

But I wouldn’t deliberately fuck up a Boots Card….it could require my name and everything!

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