Well bugger me, I didn’t expect that.

Some of you tried to buy me a beer yesterday, but alas the plugin didn’t work. Turns out, it has to be in dollars, rather than pounds. So immediately half of my readers wouldn’t donate ($4 a beer? Get outta here). Curse the strong pound! Almost curse it as much as weak beer!

Yes, I’m blogging over the Bank Holiday – my mum’s currently watching Il Divo, and it’s wet, so I’m taking it easy at the moment, and thought I may tell you about the awesome afternoon I had.

It was one of those impromptu afternoons, I wanted to watch the rugby, didn’t have it on my Sky Package, so instead I went to Llandudno to find a pub with it on, rang Jay, drank and that was it. The Rugby was heartbreaking. After leading for most of the game, Australia clawed back in the 2nd half to take the lead in the last 10 minutes, only for us to take the lead again, but an injury time try gave the Aussies the win. It was a cracking game of rugby, and considering the flack that the Aussie press gave the Welsh players, they more than performed and were absolutely deadly. They can walk around with their heads held high.

I wish the same could be said for the Welsh Football Team, who drew to New Zealand. Fucking New Zealand! Name one famous New Zealand footballer, and I’ll show you an Ethiopian Bodybuilder. They’re just not known for their footballers. I think one of their team plays for Halifax, who are only 3 leagues above The Mighty Seagulls. He was one of their better players too! I bet some of their other players play for rubbish teams like Rhyl, or somewhere equally depressing. It was an embarassing game of football, and I’m just glad I didn’t pay money for it.

On the upside, the new Welsh third kit looks swish.


 Cor! Imagine me in that shirt! I’d look dead sexy me.

Watch us beat the Czech’s next weekend.

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