May 9th, 2007
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Dentist (again), A New Blog and A Question


I haven’t much time to write this. Today I am off to the dentist to have work done on my teeth. Yes, I know it’s the dentist, and yes I know I’m the luckiest man alive because I have an NHS dentist. It’s probably still going to hurt like hell, and I’m not going to be happy about it, and it’s still £177 I’d rather have to spend on a holiday. I think he’s just making work for himself, cheeky blighter.

Anyway, with that in mind, it’s going to be a short entry today. I would apologise but you blatantly don’t deserve it. Instead, I’d like to tell you about my new blog: Retro Garden. One of my great passions is old, remade and retro games, so I thought I’d do a blog about it. I’ve only posted 2 articles there so far, but it’s feeling a little lonely. Leave a few comments to what you think please? Even if you don’t know anything about them, that’s okay, I want to educate people rather than be another news blog. Cheers.

So I leave you with a question. Myspace or Facebook?

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