May 22nd, 2007
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Getting Easy Beer Money from Blogging #2 – Google Adsense


1. Whore Yourself Out Like A Cheap Hooker….

Now some people don’t fancy doing this, but by god I do. One of my phrases whenever making a site is “Adsense it to Buggery”. I like the way it sounds. Of course, not everybody agrees with Adsense, and new sites with Adsense placed everywhere do not get indexed well in Google. So don’t do it to begin with, or – better yet…

2. …but only to your non readers

One of my favourite plugins in “MoreMoney“. Chances are your regulars won’t click on ads, but visitors from Google, Yahoo and MSN (amongst others) may indeed do. So why not hide your ads from regular readers, but show them to search engine referrals? You can see an example of it here. The plugin is also expandable, so you can easily create a loop for any site that sends you a lot of traffic (like what I’ve done with Technorati).

3. Optimise Your Page

I talked Han through this a few days ago. The easiest way to get people to click on your ads is to optimise your page for search engines, so that people from Google and similar services click on your ads. Make sure your post title is descriptive, and also your URL’s are optimised (say a post on “My Stuff” has a URL of as opposed to, you have Meta Tags (Use the Add Meta Tags if, like me, you cannot be arsed), and make sure your title structure is “Title – Blog name”, rather than “Blog name – Title”. WordPress Users (and Han), get The WordPress Title Suffix Plugin, Blogger users follow this method (thanks Paula)

4. Create Landing Pages

Landing Pages are simple pages which most normal readers never see. What they are is a page deep linked into your site that bloggers can googlers can access. Here’s my one for Adsense and one for Firefox. They are targetted for search engines, rather than readers, and are keyword and title rich. Whatever you do, don’t simply go for “Google Adsense”, you’ll get nowhere, add an extra zing to your page. I for example after 1 week of creating it am now top for “online money wales“.

5. Patience

As a simple base, for personal bloggers such as myself (usually), Google Adsense is terrible. The most I’ve recieved in 1 day is around $5. However, I usually earn between $2-$3 a day, which is $60-$90 a month. Not major money, but it all adds up!

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