A few months ago, I posted on the fact that Han got nominated for a Metro Blogging Award in the Youth Category. After spending a few minutes browsing the terms and conditions, she found something that dashed her hopes of victory, and the chance to write for a quality daily newspaper. She e-mailed me with the devastating news.

“you have to be 18 :( and they want proof of age :S “

Han’s 19. She has been since October. Fair enough I believe I nominated her for that category, and Han did nominate herself for it too. I seem to remember putting her age down on the application form, though I cannot be sure. If that is the case both myself and Han could’ve easily fucked up and typed 18. On top of it, I’m sure that we’re not the only who have fucked up. I’m sure that somebody in Metro Towers in deepest darkest London would have the job of sifting through the entries and are able to spot the good blogs from the ones that are taking the piss, mistakenly filled in, pornographic, spammy or just plain shit. Even so, a quick check on Han’s About Me page clearly states her age as 19. It struck me as rather shambolic, but not unbelievable. Han site simply slipped through the net. No biggie.

After an e-mail conversation with Han about it, we decided to keep schtum. Even if the prize wasn’t a laptop, Han deserved to not be embarrassed by her ex boyfriend (I did enough of that during the relationship, but I digress), and let her take the glory should she win. She posted a little teaser (as did I) on my blog relating to the problems that could develop.

Anyway, the winners were announced late last month. Who would win? Would they admit their mistake?


As a matter of fact, yes.

It just seemed like a bit of a cop out. Shifting the buck to the nominator, rather than the inept paper itself. Still, congratulations to the winners.

Oh, and final word on it. I only found out the results today, 3 weeks after the winners were announced. Same with Han, a nominee. I found out today after reading it in Web User. Surely the whole point of blog awards is to capture the imagination of bloggers, let it virally spread (like the Bloggers Choice Awards). This had celebrity judges, pretty cool prizes and corporate sponsorship, and 99% of bloggers couldn’t care less.

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