May 21st, 2007
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The Two Hundred Dollar Blogger


A post doing the rounds in the (shudder) blogosphere is Paula’s List of Blogging Salaries. On it, Paula works out from the monthly income of blog how much they get a year. This got me thinking about things, and how much I make per month. So, in true Mike’s Money Making Mission Stylee, here is my monthly earnings for last month (in $).

Text Link Ads: $63.29

Adsense: $37.36

AuctionAds: $11.61

Direct Sponsorship: £30 = $59.40

Amazon Affiliates: £15 = $29.70

Total: $201.36

Okay, not enough to go around the world, but it’s (just) over £100 a month, which makes it £1200 a year, doing something I enjoy doing, and will continue to do so even if I wasn’t doing that. It’s just a nice little bonus. That’s only the stuff that could be classed as “Monthly Income”. If we include things like signups for affiliate schemes such as Text Link Ads and Google Adsense, it could be a little bit more. Not bad for a – lack of a better word – “Personal” blogger, who isn’t really trying.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well Han has asked me to write a couple of posts explaining to people how I do earn what I do. So over the next couple of days, we will have Getting Easy Beer Money From Blogging. I am not going to write one of those dull, lifeless blogs which feature big words that even the blogger doesn’t understand, as he just scraped the article from somewhere else but changed the referral link. Nor I am going to tell you how to become a millionaire (because I do not know how). I will write a few posts explaining the methods I use to try and get a little extra cash from this here blog. If you’re skint, I do recommend trying these, as they’re very little work (as you’re already blogging), but could get a bit of cash in your back pocket.

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