Hi all, thanks for all your entries to the competition. Below are the final list of entrants in chronological order:

A quick working out means that the maximum time allowed for each participant is:

  • 7 minutes – Debbie
  • 10 minutes – Sibley
  • 15 minutes – Matthew
  • 19 minutes – Manuel
  • 26.5 minutes – Han
  • 34.5 minutes – Andrew
  • 55.5 minutes – Lottie
  • 90 minutes (and a 0-0 draw) – Ally

Or, in graphical terms:


No, it’s not totally accurate, but contrary to popular belief I’m shit at Excel, and I’m not going to spend my Friday night wrestling with it.

Instead I was soaking in a hot bath, got an early night, and prepared for the big game tomorrow, Colwyn Bay FC Fans vs. Colwyn Bay FC Staff. I’ll be honest, I didn’t sleep a huge amount, today is the beginning of “a few weeks that could rule so much” before “the summer of nothingness”. Who wins the game, I don’t know, but this game has been a stroke of genius and has brought a bunch of people together who probably wouldn’t have spoken to each other. We’re carrying it on after this weekend and we’re seriously talking about getting a side together for a few fans games (we play other teams fans). Only good can come from this.

If you can attend, please please do so. It’s free, there’s a buffet on, and the bar’s cheap. The ground is located here. It’ll be a laugh!

Now, I must get ready. I plan to be in Glan Clwyd Hospital by the end of the day. If it all goes wrong: exhaustion, if it all goes well: alcohol poisoning. Good luck to all those who’ve entered the competition, and good luck to all those who are playing (especially the fans). Lets hope for some good weather, not to many yellow cards, and a high scoring exciting game!

Pictures to follow.

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