May 1st, 2007
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Zandr’s Trip to North Wales, Colwyn Bay and Eastwood Town


Saturday was a truly fabulous day.

I awoke early with excitement for the big day, as detailed a few posts ago, Zandr was already winging his way to North Wales, and happy as larry. Bless him, he was from deepest darkest Yorkshire, and was taken aback by the leafy surroundings of the North Wales coast. It was on the way to Llandudno when he came out with this classic (imagine this in a thick “Yorkshire News” esque accent) :

“I was on the way here, and I saw all this blue bits on me satnav. I was wondering what it was. I drove towards it, looked right, and saw it was the sea.”


We just talked all day, it was fabulous. Talked about people (Guy McGechan, you’re a dirty man!), what we were upto, and what to do today.

We headed along Llandudno Pier, went in the arcades, and took a photo, which I decided now that I’ve seen it I need taller friends.


Following a spot of lunch at my favourite pub, we headed off to the game: Colwyn Bay FC vs. Eastwood Town. The atmosphere was buzzing, as buzzing as 651 fans can make it.

However, we lost.

I did mention in a previous post that if we won, we were in the playoffs. However, it was easy blogging it like that. Debbie and Han made comments that they had seen us lose, and “felt sorry for me”. What I forgot to mention that if Rossendale beat Stocksbridge Park Steels then we would still go up.

Lo and behold, in the 92nd minute. Rossendale scored, making it 2-1 to Rossendale.

We were ecstatic! Jumping, singing and going insane, a feeling that I have yet to come down from. Cue also a 6 hour celebratory drinking binge involving the fans, the staff and even the manager. Lets see Jose Mourinho do that.

So all in all, it was a good day, I woke with a hangover, that was immediately cured by looking at the Unibond League 1 Table.


Tonight I am going to Cammell Laird to watch the playoffs. If we win, we play either Eastwood (again) or Bradford Park Avenue. I’ll be honest, I’m not as excited as I was on Saturday. Give me an hour in a Vauxhall Zaphira with a bunch of diehard seagulls fans, and I will be.

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