June 28th, 2007
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All Abroad?


Tuesday night I met up with old bowler, regular commentor and good mate HB/Bush/Jon for a few pints and a major catch up session. Basically, the last time we saw each other was over 2 years ago, so I felt it was high time to catch up, considering he’s doing an accountancy course a few miles away from me. So, after catching up, reminiscing about old times (largely surrounding one of my mates and his ability to vomit 12 times his body weight), and the old “where are they now?” questions, we turned to general chit chat…

“So you got anything planned for you holiday?”
“Funny you should say that as I’ve never been further than Waterford.”

Ever since my 3 days in Portugal, I’ve been walking around thinking I’m like Judith Chalmers, like I am a travelling god. I’m not, I’m quite pathetic. Even so, I realise just how astonishing it is that somebody who has a few years on me has never been abroad. Like popping my cherry and learning to drive, I thought (thinking in driving’s case) I was leaving it late, but I guess there are people who are leaving it even later than me.

Yes, there are! According to a reliable internet based source**, 91% of Luxbourgians have been abroad, and are the most travelled nation of people (for obvious reasons). 75% of Brits have departed these islands fair, and 52% of Americans have. Surprisingly, the Chinese are the least travelled bunch of people, with 30% departing the nation. (I don’t think there was many North Koreans who took the poll).

Question is, have you? And where has been the best/worst place you’ve visited?

*Waterford is abroad, but not proper abroad, France is proper abroad. Ireland isn’t. I’m closer to Dublin than I am to London. It’s not proper abroad.
**Wii Everybody Votes channel a few weeks ago

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