June 15th, 2007
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EA Playground for the Wii Could Be Amazing


Every so often a game comes around that makes me think “this could be a brilliant game if they can pull it off right.”.

Suprise suprise, EA Games has come up with one: EA Playground.

As a purist, I’m required to hate EA due to their lack of innovation. EA Playground could go some way to win me over. Basically, your Mii character plays in a “Playground” with other Miis, and plays a number of smallish playground games.

As a child of the last generation to experience a large “play time” at school, I still look on misty eyed to the massive games of Bulldog we played every break at Ysgol Pen-Y-Bryn. At the moment, the games are a bit US-Centric, but if they include Bulldog, that’d be ace.

What playground game would you like to revisit?

Also, onto the weekend, where I’m meeting up for a few mates for a few drinks, it’s in preparation for My First Stag Do Everâ„¢. Of course, what happens on the stag do stays on the stag do, but I’ll see if I can sneak in a few juicy snippets. We’re going to Liverpool for it, but the chances of The Squelchy are small, largely because we’re hiring a minibus, driving there, and driving back the same night.

On top of that, I’m heavily considering investing in Super Mario Strikers for the Wii – largely because Tom has and I fancy giving him a kicking. It seems like an ace game, but I could be wrong. Is it £35 well spent?

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