June 21st, 2007
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Manhunt 2 and The Things That I’d Like To Censor


The big video gaming news this week is that, for the first time since Carmageddon, the BBFC has Censored a videogame before release. Manhunt 2 now can not be released in the UK. I probably wouldn’t have bought the game, but I don’t beleive you should censor it. Jacob posted a better thought out rant here. Jist of my rant – BBFC suck cock.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 things that I’d like to censor.

  • The Daily Mail – For the unaware, The Daily Mail is quite possibly the most evil thing on this planet. My dad reads it, and claims it’s “Unbiased, factual journalism”. I fear we may have lost him to the wannabe middle classes. I hate it, it’s sheer presence in my house makes me more xenophobic each day. Soon I’ll be starting believing horoscopes, pseudoscience and yes, not owning a house in the United Kingdom cause cancer. It gives the right wing a bad terrible name.
  • “Indie” Music Fans – ‘But Rhys!’, you say ‘Don’t you like indie music?’. Yes, but I don’t make a song or dance about it. Indie Music Fans whinge about how the mainstream “don’t open our eyes to new music”, yet refuse to like certain bands. I have a mate who detests me for liking Scissor Sisters. It’s not good. Again, for a better thought out arguement, read doctorvee’s post that kinda inspired me.
  • BBC Have Your Say Messageboards – Basically, it’s populated by people who the BNP would think are too radical. They hate everybody, and have a knack of turning any debate into a “We Hate Blair, gays, foreigners and anybody who is intelligent.”. I now know that the intelligent people of the BBC hang out on the Magazine and the Cricket pages (Ben Dirs is a legend).
  • Text Speak – Over MSN it’s bearable. Over SMS I grate my teeth as I try to understand what ‘mt’ and ‘ck’ mean, but Rick has started saying “Lol” (that’s “Lol”, not “ell-oh-ell”), when he finds something amusing. I would’ve thought he’d – you know – laugh out loud?
  • 95% of Blogs – Let’s be honest now. A lot of them are shit? Unopinionated drivel posting about things you’ve read a million times before, but this time, with new affiliate referral links!

What would you like to censor?

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