June 22nd, 2007
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More Mario Strikers, More Adsense Cheques and Caernarfon


As a screenshot just a smidgen down the page will show, I have gotten a hell of a lot better on Mario Strikers Charged Football, on the Wii recently (279275 449152 to add me to the game), so much so that I consider myself pretty nifty now that I’ve got the hang of it.

Which has made me subject to The Richard Wynne Tactic of Video Gamingâ„¢.

Basically, when we were little, and playing Street Fighter on the SNES. I used to kick his arse so badly you’d almost think that Ryu (his favourite) had some form of handicap. However, after the 13th double perfect or so he used to switch off the console and exclaim “Who won?”. It was quite frankly the most annoying thing in the history of the world.

It seems that the internet is full of Richard Wynne’s.

mariostrikers162.jpgFor example. Myself and Sammy Small Balls are drawing a series 1-1. I score a goal, or land a megastrike (not actually score, just announce intention to score), probably about 30% of the time a “Connection Lost” message appears, and it makes me so angry. Nintendo, for the brilliance, has made losing not a bad thing in the game (you still get points), but it seems that there is a contingence of the Wii gaming community who care more about their Win Loss records than about the size of their testicles. I’m more impressed with a guy who takes a 16-2 dicking like a man (as the screenshot to the left proves, by the way I won that game), rather than somebody who switches off the Wii but has a better record than me. It’s a sad state of affairs to be.

In happier news, I have got a weekend away planned! I’m off to the wonderous city of Caernarfon for uni mate (and ex blogger) Ian’s 23rd Birthday. I’m out with a bunch of his mates, as well as a few people from university I haven’t seen in ages. Good times should be have, and hopefully I’ll buy him enough alochol so he won’t be pissed off when he finds out that he’s been removed from the best blogroll ever. Sorry mate. Everybody else: check the list, you may have been promoted onto it!

Finally, I received my 2nd ever Adsense cheque! Wahey go me, I fucking rule. £52.66 was the princely sum I received late last week, and it put me in the same quandery I had with my last adsense earnings, though I am not publishing another picture like that again. The quandary is, I have got this new found fabulous wealth, but I am unsure how to invest or spend it. Or, in Lolcat form….


Any suggestions?

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