Ranty time!

ifollowblue.gifYou may have seen the following buttons like the one to the right on a number of sites on the internet. It is for The I Follow Movement, what The I Follow Movement does is remove the “Nofollow” from links within comments, so that Google recognises that link and helps them get indexed in Google. It’s rather popular with SEO Types, they go to a famous blog, comment, link to a certain article on their blog, with a phrase that they want, bonus they get a free precious, precious linkback.

Which is why I hate it.

You see, my blog was featured on a fairly prominent website recently, which resorted in a lot of traffic and google juice coming my way. As a result, I had a few comments from people who probably wouldn’t comment. Did any of these commenters know anything about me? No. Have any of these degenerates been back since? No. Did the comments they leave links to off topic articles that were so far removed, that it makes the cutaway scenes in Family Guy seem relevant? You bet you arse they do!

The type of comments I’m talking about are below. I’m not talking about occasionally posting comments with links related to the blog (because I do that), or when – from Friday’s Post – Jacob shows me a link about getting Mario Strikers Dirt Cheap and Ryan linking to a Wikipedia Article about Red Rover. I’m talking about these sort of comments.

What a great article! I like the idea about Digital Condoms. It reminds me of the time that I made money using Adsense!

Oh, how funny talking about not stealing! Do you know what is a steal? My Technorati Tag Generator!

Oh how interesting your article about getting beer money with Text Link Ads. I wonder if people with a foot fetish in wheelchairs who proposition men on the street to take their shoes and off could use these tips?

You getting my drift?

The comments above are worst than spam, because it does nothing to contribute. The people who leave comments like the ones below have got no soul, as they have no interest in blogging, only in their blog. Surprise surprise, the people who leave these sorts of comments have those dry blogs that try and get a cheap buck. They also think they’re some kind of Billy Big Bollocks because somebody clicked on an adsense ad once in 1987.

Anyway, I did have the “Dofollow Plugin”, but I’ve changed to something that rewards my 100 million regular readers, rather than the aforementioned William Large Testicles.

LinkLove Plugin basically looks to see who have commented 10 times or more, and then if they have, they remove the nofollow from the links. So Ryan and Jacob get Google’s love, people who called “Web 2.0 Technology Review Crap” won’t.

I’ve also designed a logo! Anybody who has similar linky love like mine can use it.


What do you think?

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