June 30th, 2007
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The Apple iPhone and New Forums


The iPhone is the most attractive gadget ever released – fact. It is out in America now – fact. But for goodness sakes BBC, of all the rockstars, celebrities and people who are just plain sexy who will surely claw and clasp to get their hands on this device on launch day, when reporting the launch, surely you could’ve picked somebody more attractive than this person?

Begs the question: if she was third in the queue, how unphotogenic were the first two?

I thought only sexy people with more money than sense were allowed to buy Apple products. Now I know it’s just the latter. I’m not ugly! Hurrah!

In other news, I’ve had a go at relaunching the forums. The old ones became a more bloated than Ms. Rodriguez up there, so I’ve switched to bbpress (it’s based on WordPress), created an ace new plugin, and put a few posts in amongst it all. The old one kinda detracted from the blog, I don’t want that again, so hopefully this will add to it. It’s not going to be as busy as the old one, but I hope somebody goes there and posts.

To join and introduce yourself – click here.

Right, off to the stag do. See you Monday!

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