June 26th, 2007
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The Storms in the UK, and “Flooding” Road Signs


Bloody hell, the weather has been rough lately, hasn’t it?

Basically, were suffering very unseasonal weather in the UK at the moment, with floods in some areas of the country. I think everywhere in the UK has seen a lot of rain in the past few days. It’s not global warming, oh no, it’s god telling us to cancel Wimbledon for the vain UK hope, television ruining, most pointless “sport” in the history of the world.

There were some casualties in the family due to the weather. My mum, who has never flown, decided that she didn’t want to spend her first trip on a plane (which was today) with a hell of a lot of turbulence, so cancelled her short break to Milan. Being in a similar position and still being a little apprehensive of flying even now, I can’t say I blame her. I can blame her for going to Chester with both my brothers, and going to the fabulous Temple Bar. The bastards. They do the nicest curry there, and spent the day drinking and playing itBox. The bastards.

But apart from my mum’s holiday (truth be told, I doubt she actually wanted to go) and then mocking me for having a pub lunch, we were fine. Han’s mum will be pleased to know – I have not been flooded.

flood.jpgHowever, there was an odd sign on the way home from work which you can see to your right. No, not the fact it’s in Welsh, just the location – 300 metres above sea level, away from any form of running water or lake.

Why is it even there? It was located just at the bottom of the hill, before the turning off to the zoo (for those of you who know the general idea of where I live). Any physical geographers out there – as I’m terrible – know if that area floods a lot, because I can never remember it flooding.

Of course, 99% of you will be lost with what I have just said, so to give you a little bit of an idea of just how unlikely we are ever to flood, here’s an photo taken from the bottom of my street, and also a few guides just to prove how high we are.


See what I mean? Just will not flood.

Have you been affected by the bad weather? Or have you stared at a roadsign and thought “Why the fuck is that there?”? Share in the comments!

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