July 4th, 2007
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A Shit Website – The Best Dofollow Policy Ever


After having a discussion with Bush last week in the pub. I have changed my mind on my Dofollow policy. Previously on 24, I stated that only regular readers should be rewarded with Google Juice. I still stand by that, but what happens if a random posts a link to another article not written by themselves that I find interesting? Should that person who is completely unaware of my posting suffer, even though the commenter was trying to be selfless? I don’t think so

With that in mind, my comments have now switched to Dofollow. I have submitted my blog to dofollow.us, hopefully I will get more comments, you will get more clickthroughs, they will find new blogs. Everybody’s a winner.


I do not want bullshit. I do not want people gaming me. I do not want people saying “nice post!” and calling themselves “Web 2.0 Technology News”. So this is what I’m planning on doing.

I get an email with every comment from it. Usually it’s a “such and such” has left a comment. Usually I go “Oooh, Sayre has said my cheat sheet is crap”, “Han has complained about her Text Link Ads Account again” or – more usually – “Ryan has once again failed miserably to be funny”. Should any comments appear from people who have never commented before (or you are sending me linky love, thanks Roberta and Pureblogging, the latter of which I also won $100 from. Thank you!), they go into the moderation queue.

Now don’t worry. If you’re name is say Webd360 or Torsten, your comment will appear on the site, unchanged. But if your name is – say “Technologies for Blogging”. Your name will be changed.

Your name will be changed to “A Shit Website”.

Think of it! Everybody wants to be top for “make money” or “secrets to blogging” and other interesting Google terms. Who would want to be top for Shit Website? Nobody!* It’s fucking genius!

Oh, and by the way, knowing you lot, you’d probably change your name to something else just to annoy me today. It won’t work, I know all your email addresses. Don’t bother, I’ll just change it back to your name. You are not funny.
So, what do you think? Genius? Potential to backfire and humiliate me? Let me know in the comments!

* Incidentally, this website is top for “A Shit Website” in google.

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