July 3rd, 2007
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Comment List Reset – Where It All Begins, Again


topcommenters.jpgI have decided, it’s rather intimidating for readers to see my top commenters list, knowing that they will never be amongst it. I’m not talking about those Johnny Come Latelies, I’m talking about regulars who don’t comment as much as some. Lets be honest, Han and Celeste are straddling the top comments like the dominatricies that they are, with their 100+ comments on this blog in 6 months. It’s an intimidating sight for all concerned. Even Guy is intimidated, being underneath Celeste.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to reset the comment list for this month, and on a monthly basis thereafter. Hopefully, it will help encourage discussion, as I give 90% of my love to my top commenters. You lovely, lovely people.

With that in mind, I have trawled through the archives to reveal some of my favourite comments of my top 10 commenters. I may make this a monthly thing, to spread a bit of the link love seed liberally over the bosoms of my top commenters. Ooer. Here’s this month list.

So for especially you ten, and the 143 of you who have commented overall, I thank you. Here’s to the next 143 people to comment on the list.

Of course, now will be a good time to know some of my RSS readers. So, if you are a lurker, who reads this blog but never comments, tell me:

  • who you are
  • what you do and
  • who’s your favourite regular reader

Come on, we all have our favourites. Commence commenting!

Likewise, if you are a regular reader, you may be interested to join my Forums. There are an eclectic bunch on there at the moment (if all British), so drop in, make a few topics, and share in the ambient glow that is this site.

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