First of all, the Welsh Blog Awards I talked about on Saturday that were due to end on Sunday now end next Friday. I think because some categories are struggling under the sheer brilliance that is my blog. Keep voting for me, and I will not spoil the end of Harry Potter 8. Yes, there is an eighth book, the last word is “bangable” (thanks to my namesake for nominating me!).

Speaking on Harry Potter: it’s official, After spending the weekend getting stats, I can confirm you lot are addicted to Harry Potter, and forsaked this blog to instead read JK Rowling’s latest offering. You were probably aware about it, you selfish bastards. As me whinging probably won’t convey the statistical raping this blog took over the weekend, allow me to present it in graph form.


It’s a lot. It usually drops down to around to 350 at weekends, but this weekend was much lower (Sunday was around 250, Monday was 600). Did anybody else in bloggerdom have their stats Avada Kedavra’d by Harry Potter? I know Jem’s were, anybody else?

Secondly, does anybody have the Adblock extension for Firefox? Reason I ask is that it hasn’t been blocking ads on sites like it should. Yes I know I’m screaming hypocracy, by having adverts on my site yet blocking ads on others. There’s a good reason for this: a lot of footballing news sites have pop up and pop under ads. I have nothing against a few adsense blocks here and there, but the pop up and unders do my head in.

Finally, something freaked me out in Morrisons whilst listening to the cheeky Scottish minx Edith Bowman (who I maintain is filthy. Ryan, as the bastion of all that’s filth, do you agree?). Basically, I managed to get an MP3 version of the clip in particular. To those of you who weren’t in “Barry Scott and the Cillit Bangers” Hope & Anchor Pub Quiz Champions 2005, here’s two facts to bring you up to speed.

  • I never text/email/telephone radio shows, ever.
  • Hope & Anchor Sunday Night Pub Quiz (with Spud) featured a hexagonal Blockbusters Style board, and a round where you had to get the prices of groceries, which was called the Supermarket Sweep round.

Right, ready? Listen to this.

Han thinks I’m making a big deal out of it, but it almost made me drop my plums in the supermarket. So am I being silly, or is it an odd coincidence worthy of notification?

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