July 8th, 2007
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New Design!


Yes! The worst kept secret is out of the bag, I just couldn’t keep it in any longer, I have gone for a new design.

The old one served it’s purpose as a nice theme that did whatever I wanted, but I never intended to go six months without doing a unique one myself. On top of that, it got really cluttered the last few months or so, so the reason for the rubbish blogging you’ve seen recently is what you see around you. Do you like it?

It took me the best part of the week, and the real catalyst was that a number of sites (Colwyn Bay FC for one) went under redesigns. I took inspiration from a few people’s new design (including Roberta Ferguson, Pureblogging and Daily Web Ideas), to put together a theme. Hope you all don’t mind!

So yeah, few nifty little things I’d like to point you to.

Twitter Status

I had an invite from Andrew sitting in my inbox to join twitter for the past few weeks, and finally I have (even though Pownce is the new “cool thing to be in”, personally I think it looks pointless). I must say, it goes a long way to replacing Guy. Whenever I’m bored or something quirky happens, Guy was the first person I texted, before he buggered off to Convictland. Now, I text twitter, and you can all read it and be fascinated by what I have to say. Or not. Even so, it’s up the top, and you can add me as a friend. My twitter username is “rhyswynne”.

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Forum Last Post

I launched my fourms about a week ago, and it hasn’t really been set alight. True, there have been a few people posting and I appreciate it, but I haven’t be participating. Not so anymore. Now, for my benefit as well as yours, I can see who’s the last poster on the forum. Of course, my next job is to get the forums to look as good as the rest of the site. Eurgh. That’s going to be a mission I’m not looking forward to.

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I’ve tried to cut down a little on the advertising, as it was getting cluttered (nobody told me there was a whacking huge Adsense block underneath the title! That wasn’t menat to be there!). Adsense within the posts worked well, so I’m going to try and keep them, but be wrapped, rather than pushing the post around. If I keep it neat, I don’t see a problem.

I’m also trying to sell direct advertising, I mean. Text Link Ads is fantastic, but it’s more of an experiement for myself, cutting out the middle man, just see if I can. Also, I’m doing offers and everything too! Largely to take advantage of the Adicons I have got on my page. To find out more, click here.

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But yeah, I just think I’ve made a sexy template, however a few bugs and niggles are sure to be found, so if you find one please let me know.

Also What do you think of the new layout? Do you like it? Hate it?

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