July 29th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 28/07/07


Remember, these are more for my benefit than yours.

  • First up from Heidi Go Seek is “Simpsonize Me”, a cool little flash applet that turns a digital photo of yourself into a Simpsons Character. Or should that be it takes a digital photo of yourself, does a few little changes, and you pick up the pieces. neverthertheless, as you can imagine, it’s hugely popular, but here’s a quick Rhys that I have managed to do.First the original.


    And now the Simpsonized.


    Pretty good eh? Why not post one on your blog? If you do, please let me know, I’d love to see them!

  • From Pimpmypagerank comes “Simple English Wikipedia”. At first I thought “oh great, a wikipedia for children, retards and chavs”. But you can add me to that list. Not because I’m stupid, but because it’s funny. For example, I was expecting a “When a Daddy and a Mummy love each other very much” for this article (possibly NSFW), but fuck it (no pun intended), when Rhys Junior asks me that question, I’m just going to hand him that article in a handy pamphlet.
  • Lifehacker posted 101 Simple Recipes ready in 10 Minutes or Less. I’m like a Welsh James Martin with ADD, so will probably use these. I do recommend cornering Guy for his “Lime, Soy & Jack Daniels Chicken with Noodles”, I cooked it for Han once, and she didn’t fall ill. Even to this day, she unfairly says I’m a rubbish cook.
  • Do you like Tetris? Do you like the US? Well you’ll love Statetris! A game where you have to put the US states where they should be, in a tetris fashion. I’d love it if they had tetris-esque music going throughout it, for a two fingered salute to the cold war.

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