July 16th, 2007
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Surprise Weddings and the Football Season Starts


“You coming to the wedding reception tonight?”
“Beg your pardon?!?!”

bayfriendlies.jpgI completely forgot about the wedding. I shouldn’t have, it was on my calendar of events for this week. Nevertheless, the lack of conversation on it, coupled with the fact that the new football season had me salivating, made me think that going to it was not on the agenda.

Until the conversation with John Boy on Saturday morning.

Immediately I dug out my suit – a cheap polyester number from my days in the call centre – and got ready. It was creased, messy and all over the place, I haven’t worn a suit in over a year. A year ago my waistline was a lot bigger, so the trousers were slipping off as within a year the cupboard monster had also eaten my belt, leaving me to either wear my pacman belt or my brother’s garish white belt with the Jack Daniels belt buckle. In the end, I went with neither – a further inspection of my wardrobe found a pair of trousers that fitted a lot better.

We were a little early for the wedding reception (surprising, as a “communication breakdown” meant we met at different pickup points at the same time), so we had a pint in the Kings Arms in Llandudno to catch up. Previously, the Kings Arms was a no go area because it was like it was being fumigated. Since the smoking ban, it has become a lovely little drinking pub in a nice part of Llandudno.

Following a cheeky swift one, we headed to the hotel for the reception. I’ve never been to just the reception, so didn’t know what to expect and what state of inebriation people will be at. The answer was various. The happy couple looked sober enough. But a few of my mates were completely battered, it amused me greatly, especially after a fewBoddingtons when we did the “Crouch down behind them on all fours and push them over” stunt to a few of the drunker guests. It amused me so.

I had a blast though, it was fabulous. And the best thing? I was wide awake Sunday morning with no hangover, which is a minor miricle.

Before then, I went and watched The Mighty Seagulls vs. Where The Fuck Is Vauxhall Motors. Was good to get a game of football again, even if both teams made mistakes. It was expected though, as it was the first game and players were lacking match sharpness. Nevertheless, Where The Fuck Is Vauxhall Motors put out pretty much a full strength side, and we held them to a 2-2 draw. To be honest, we looked the stronger side with numerous spells of continuous possession, but they punished us on the break. Either way, it’s good to be back.

How was your weekend? Anybody got any funny wedding stories?

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