It’s that time of year again! Every year at this time I set up a fantasy football league through my blog. I do it through the official premierleague site, reason because it’s a good balance between the pretty pictures, and the super stats. It’s not too statty, like some (Yahoo for instance, put FAR too much emphasis on “throw ins in the attacking third. Yawn”), so even newbies can play.

Being the second year of The Official GATR on on Premierleague, you may be pleased to know that all those who joined up last year will have the same login detials and accounts as this year, so all you need to do is create a team, and you’re in.

How To Play

If you didn’t play last year, you can follow this post which contains a guide for setting up an account and creating a team. All I ask is you do not follow Step 5. The number has changed. Instead, to join a league, click on leagues on the right sidebar, and then in the “Join A Private League” textbox enter the following:


That number will join our league, and it is called “World Superleague” if you are unsure if you’ve joined the right league (yeah, it’s a shit name). Once your in, that’s it, you can make one free change per week and one “Wildcard” (complete restructure of your squad for free) change thoughout the season.

I know nothing about football because I’m a girl/American/Chelsea fan, why should I join?

Because, my dear friend, it’s fun. 9 times out of 10 the teams who are expected to do well do rubbish, and vice versa. Last year’s world cup fantasy football ended up with me third from bottom, and Kaz (a female friend of mine, with no interest in the game) came third. How good would it be to beat me at it? Rub your nose in my face!

Is David Beckham in it? If not I have no idea who to pick!

No, he’s not, but to help you Premierleague have kept last season’s individual player scores up to give you an idea of how they performedd last season. Of course, that’s no definite for this season, but it can give you an idea. As a guide, what I try and do is:

  • Pick players who have scored points in previous seasons – that means they are used to the Premiership, and you’re not getting duffers like Shevchenko.
  • Avoid the expensive players (such as Ronaldo and Drogba).
  • Pick players who play alongside the expensive players (you get points for clean sheets, so any non Terry defender for Chelsea is good).
  • Pick a decent keeper.
  • Avoid players from Sunderland, Derby and Birmingham as they are too unpredictable, being the new teams.

As I said, it’s just for fun, so if you’re bored today, why not sign up? It’s completely free, and fun!

Non Football Bit

If I haven’t already chased off the female contingent of my blog, the remaining can answer me this question.

There was the following sign on the loos in work today, it has been edited to read it, but the font and the wording is exactly the same.


Please explain, why do women get hung up with the loo seat? I mean, for every loo seat you put down and complain about, we – as men – lift up and we don’t complain! Is it really that big an issue?

Unless, we’ve got the toilet seat mixed up (I assume it’s only one of the seats, not both. Leaving one seat up is understandable).

I apologise for the crass nature of the ending of this post, but it’s a personal blog, and it’s been puzzling me. Will talk about
something more suitable tomorrow.

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