July 17th, 2007
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The James Bond Tactic For Dealing With Paid Comments


commentspam.jpgThere’s been a big hoohaa over some sections of the (cringes) blogosphere regarding Jon War Ass decision to make a business offering paid comments. Some people are up in arms about it, saying “It’ll kill blogging” and “Undo all the hard work relationship building”. Here are a few of the posts from my feeds.

I don’t agree with him, or indeed his business, but I do think certain bloggers (mentioning no names nor linking to them) are worried far too much about it, like somehow one comment will steal their meagre $3.29 they’ve earnt on Adsense.

Oh no, I don’t agree with Mr. War Ass, but I can’t wait for one of his drones to leave a spammy comment. I’ve got a tactic for dealing with it, and I want to share it with you.

The Lesser Blog Tactic – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Tactic

The lesser blog would probably do an Arnie. Basically, they would go overboard to achieve something. Like if Arnie was in a room and 50% of people have guns, and he had to get the President out, he would probably lock and load his AK47i, throw the President over his shoulder, and pepper the room with bullets, killing both bad guys and good guys. Lesser Blogs would probably delete a bunch of comments from non spammers and spammers alike, this is a bad idea, as you’re leaving a bad taste in some of your readers mouths.

The Fabulous Gospel According To Rhys Tactic – The James Bond Tactic

You know in James Bond films James Bond gets what he wants by sleeping with a girl who is the bad guy? Well my tactic is similar to that, only (unfortunately) less sex, and less Martini.

The paid comments are on behalf of another blog or company. They will have contact details either with the comment or on their website. By investing money in this service they show they are either a desperate blogger for readers, or somebody who really doesn’t understand web marketing but is willing to throw money at it. A quick email, like I do with all my new readers (and some of my old) to them will be interesting. If it’s a blogger, chances are after a few emails they’ll subscribe to my RSS feed, and bonus – I have a new reader. If it’s a company, a quick point to my Advertising Page and a little bit of selling, and they’ll start throwing money at me. If not then the comment gets deleted.

Personally, I think it’s genius, and along the oh so mature tactic of humously intentionally spelling Jon War Ass’s name wrong, I feel as I’m advertising my blog to people who use my blog to advertise their company, I have not sold my soul to the devil.

On the contrary, because the devilish paying company paid money to get on my site and I end up getting what I want from them, the devil has sold it’s soul to me.

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