UPDATE: Errr….last night I screwed up my new template, and it couldn’t seem to post comments. So I’ve resorted back to the old one. Don’t worry! I’m trying to fix it as we speak, just it may not get done today. Until then, just imagine it’s wonderous brilliance. The questions in this post still stand though.

It’s important to listen to your readers, I feel. After all, what is a blog without readers? I’m not talking about what to post or they should dictate to you what you should do about blogging, but reader feedback is essential.

Take the redesign of this blog. It was rather popular, but a few comments stuck out. The first was Celeste, who said it was too busy. She was right too, which is why I’ve spaced out the text a little more. It won’t fit on 800×600, but really, only technologically backwards people have their monitors that small these days. The second was from Claire, who checked this blog via PDA, and it looked a bit squiffy, she found a plugin that changed the theme for WordPress Blogs, and wanted it on my blog. Fair enough I said, and now – whenever you’re away from the computer – come up with a question, and think “What would Rhys Wynne do?”, you can switch on your mobile’s WAP browser and find out there and then. To answer your question – whatever your mum’d do in the same situation.

So, it with these two moral dilemmas behind me, I come to you with two more.

First is with the new design. At the moment I have favicons displayed in the comments. These are nice , but I wouldn’t mind switching it to either Mybloglog Avatars or Gravatars. What do you think? Favicons (which are cool and funky, but not everybody has them – especially blogger bloggers), Mybloglog Avatars (which are common, but prone to spammage from some people) or Gravatars (which are cool, but very few people have them)? Ladies and Gentlemen, vote in the comments.

The second such dilema results from a purchase made last week. Last week I won Pureblogging’s 1000th comment contest, which on top of a traffic boost, I also won $100. Which is £50 in proper money. Which is £42.90 in proper money after a trip down the pub to celebrate. I used the money to make one essential purchase – new shoes, as the cheap ones I bought the previous week were just an inch too small for my massive manly feet. Yes, big feet and all. It’s a curse as well as a blessing.

So – in essence – I have a pair of shoes that I can’t take back to the shop, that I really don’t know what to do with.


Any suggestions? I was thinking e-bay but then thought that’s too boring. I was therefore thinking about a blog contest to win my shoes, but it won’t be as good as say Zac Johnson’s Schwag, and what if a tiny feet person wins them? They’d be useless!

But that’s just my thoughts, what about yours? If you were in my shoes, what would you do with my shoes?

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