July 6th, 2007
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The Weekend, Appreciation Groups, and Having Nothing To Do


This weekend is rather quiet for me. It depresses me so.

Before the start of June, I was actually a little bit scared because I had so much on. I know it sounds very silly, but May was such a quiet month, was coasting along with the occasional drink with Jay. Then June hit with the wonders of Portugal, Caernarfon and Strippers, and all of a sudden I wasn’t staying in at weekends, I wasn’t drinking beer in front of Saturday Night TV with the dog. I was going out and having fun.

I was, in essence, a normal 23 year old.

I mean, there’s loads that I can be doing over the weekend, and chances are that I will be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suicidal. However, there’s a little part of me that looks back at the Caernarfon weekend, the stag do and especially Portugal and just think “Damn, they were fun.”.

Thankfully, it is just this weekend that is quite unfullfilled, as my calendar for the next three Saturdays shows, starting next Saturday, one very, very important part of my life is back on track.


Yes! The football season starts again! How happy am I? The answer: very happy. Admittedly, it’s only friendlies, but I’d take a 3am match in John O’ Groats at the moment to watch my beloved Bay play. I have been unspoiled by football since the end of last season, I need my fix once again.

So, on that happy note, I leave you with a question. Yesterday I completed one of my three goals for blogging – Have A Facebook Appreciation Society – when “The Gospel According To Rhys Appreciation Society” was set up on facebook (and is already getting more traffic than my forum. Go figure). One of the comments was left by Celeste, who suggested that she was going to start a “Get Rhys Laid” group. Despite deciding against it because she thought I’d be offended, I encouraged her to do so as – lets be honest – a shag’s a shag.

So, if she decided to form said group, and if she invited me, and if i was to join, would that be classed as masturbation?

Have a good weekend.

PS. I can only apologise for the distince averageness of blogging this week. There has been a very good reason for it, which shall be revealed monday (or check your site’s stats on Technorati, or ask Han, she’d probably spill the beans. She’s useless at secrets).

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