July 14th, 2007
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Unlucky For Some


I’ve never been one for superstition, but yesterday – Friday the 13th – really tested my lack of beliefs. In the space of 24 hours the following events happened.

  • A software program (Actinic) I am normally Les Testiculars Des Chiens (as the French would say) at being more uncoorporative than North Korea. The only way I could get it to work was to exchange the part of my brain containing all my knowledge on Actinic and for the work ethic and reasoning skills of a three year old.
  • My lunchtime sandwich literally disintegrating between the sandwich shop and my office.
  • Leaving my keys in work, meaning coming into the office Monday morning will be a bitch.
  • Getting the bus home, the bus driver refusing to pick me up on the once an hour bus because he couldn’t change a £10 note, then driving off as I went into a shop to change the note into coins he could count.
  • Catching up with said bus on the loop (though just barely), and sitting down, only for him to emergency stop sharply going down the hill, causing me to flip (yes, flip) into the seat I was sitting in front of.

Still. Mustn’t grumble. Today will be a good day. Here’s why.

  • It’s 11 months until the next Friday 13th (according to Diamond Geezer)
  • It’s the start of the football season! The Mighty Seagulls challenge Conference North Side Where the Fuck are Vauxhall Motors in a friendly at Llanelian Road 3pm today. At the risk of alienating half the bay’s fans who read this blog, I promise not to blog much about football. Honest.

So, to steal the question from this week’s Blog about Your Blog Comment Friday, have you had a particularly unlucky Friday 13th?

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