July 21st, 2007
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Welsh Blog Awards 2007, Wii Degree and Wrexham


I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but nevermind.

welshblogawards.jpgFirstly I have been nominated for a Welsh Blog award in the “Best Design Category”. I’m not entirely sure how the awards won, all I do know is – by the looks of it – there’s rather a large amount of South Wales blogs nominated, and not enough gogs. I mean, lets be honest, my design is pretty swish, so if you would like to show appreciation for my design, why not vote for me? It’s part of a very long post on a blogspot blog (Nice and official!), but if you could vote for me, I would love you forever and ever.

Click here to visit the Welsh Blog Awards and vote for me! (I’m in the bottom poll)

Whilst you are at it, vote for Wonderful Electric in the other categories too.

Thanks to Gwenu Den Fysiau for nominating me (another Rhys Wynne). Vote for him too!

If you don’t vote for me, Tuesday’s post will be a Harry Potter 7 spoiler.

Right, got a busy weekend ahead of me. Yesterday I purchased Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree for the Wii. So far it’s pretty fun, but I’d love to know how WiiConnect24 works on it. Apparently you can race against your Wii Mates on it? Either way, I’ve played it a few times, and got a fabulously geeky C++ grading.

Secondly, today (if the weather holds) is the biggest friendly of the pre-season, as The Mighty Seagulls take on local rivals Wrexham FC in a preseason friendly. Of course I’m going to repeat what I say every day: those of you in the UK should come. But also if you really cannot be arsed, you can listen to the game online, and maybe hear me screaming and shouting in the background.

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