August 29th, 2007
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Analysing The Problogger Group Writing Project


Group Writing Projects are ace. Fact. Basically, bloggers all over the world write about something, and a big blogger shares them all with it’s readers in the hope that they stick around, become subscribers, and add to the blogs in question. I’m not sure of the exact benefit on bigger blogs, but they probably get a nice warm feeling in their tummy.

Anyway, one such Group Writing Project is the Problogger’s “31 Days Of Blog Tips”, which whilst not strictly a group writing project, does have elements of Group Writing in them.

What makes this one a little different is that people have been supplying a number of posts. I have supplied 3 – Three Rubbish Things New Bloggers Do, and Three Better Things To Do Instead (Post #1), Three Alternative Ways To Increase Your RSS Readers (Post #2) from this blog, and Sexy Reviews Bring Readers (Post #3) from the Fair Review Blog. I will compare them as best as I can.

Why am I doing this? The main reason for this was that to prove a little theory I had – does your position on the Group Writing Post List lead to more hits, more comments and more trackbacks?

Reason I ask this is that the last time I did this, I was rock bottom of the list.

Anyway, for this experiment, I am assuming the following:

  • “Comments” and “Trackbacks” refer to the amount of comments/trackbacks received, after the trackback from the Problogger website.
  • I’m only including hits from the day of the post on Problogger.
  • I’m only including comments and trackbacks from the day of the post on Problogger
  Post #1 Post #2
Post #3
Position On List
12th (of 97) 2nd (of 72) 7th (of 95)
Hits 69 64 90
Comments 2 1 6
Trackbacks 4 0 8

Conclusions To Make From This

  • My theory was wrong – The lowest place article had the most hits. I believe that a strong title in Post #3 (it had the word “sex” in it, it was bound to get a more attention) lead to more people visiting it.
  • Group Writing projects are a great way to get people interested in your blog.
  • The Problogger Community are a humourless bunch who don’t appreciate the cheeky smut I peddle (kidding!).
  • Certain numbers of my readers will find this post rather dull and boring. No matter, to keep them amused, here’s a video of kittens playing football.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

Have you participated in a group writing project? Have you ran a group writing project? What was the response from it for you?

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