August 1st, 2007
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Big Brain Academy for Wii Review


What are 3 17′s?

My mum said that to me earlier on today. I used to struggle with mental arithmetic (irony being that anybody who’s studies Maths to A Level and above has shoddy mental arithmetic, you just don’t need it), but I answered quicker than the time it’s taken for you to read “My mum said that” earlier in the paragraph.

Why? Because I’ve been playing Big Brain Academy for the Wii for the past two weeks. Jacob said “I shouldn’t pay more than £10 for it” and WiiWii said it was “Distinctly Average”.

Sorry guys, but you two are liars.

This game is brilliant.

The game takes rather a long time to get going, the sperm-esque Dr. Lobe rattles on about something or other to begin with every day, though you can skip it by pressing the B Trigger. Then you are taken to the student records to set up a new record for your mii, which is presented in an ace cel shaded format.

bbwd1.jpgThe main bulk of the games is minigames. You can either practice these on your own to get medals and unlock harder difficulty settings, or carry out a daily test which includes all the games over 60 questions. At the end, you get a score which you can send via WiiConnect24 to all your friends.

The other interesting features are the games you play in a group. Lets be honest, you’re going to have more fun playing with somebody than just playing with yourself, aren’t you? Luckily, social misfits such as myself can play against similar social misfits such as Malcolm via WiiConnect24 by sharing records. No, it’s not proper online like Mario Strikers, but it works okay. The mind sprint especially wouldn’t work that well over the network as an inch of slowdown could prove costly.

Frustrating points are some of the games are too hard. The “Who Wins, Red or Blue?” (Red and blue balls are thrown into a basket, and you have to say who scored more) on Hard and above is almost guesswork, and at times I wish they wouldn’t bother with the easy questions on test yourself – as they focus more on speed than knowledge. Also, it just seems a little shallow. You’re not going to sit down with it for hours on end on your own playing this game. It’s more of a little and often.

bbwd2.jpgI think the makers realise that too, which is why it’s easy to learn and I do feel like I’m getting smarter. There’s no multiplication on it and I managed to answer the question at the top of this post lightning quick.

If you’re still working it out, it’s 51.

For only £20, it’s well worth getting. Sure, you won’t be attached to your Wii as long as Zelda, or Mario Strikers, but it is good fun and – whilst I never would’ve bought these sorts of games two years ago – it is well worth getting out at parties and the like as it’s easy to learn and quite tricky to have a Big Brain.

If you want to get a cerebral ass kicking, my Wii Number is 8781 2520 7829 2583

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