August 20th, 2007
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Bloggers Worst Nightmare


As Bloggers, we can cope with almost all situations. I have myself blogged 24 hours after being admitted to hospital, and death, incarnation, weddings and even childbirth is not enough to stop people blogging. Ally, I’m expecting a deep, intricate yet tasteful account.

However, there is one thing that can happen to us bloggers to stop us dead in our tracks.

It happened to me, yesterday morning, when I saw this:


Yes. The one thing that bloggers fear, and especially me, is their PC completely screwing up beyond all comprehension.

Hence this entry.

gcardimpale.jpgYesterday was spent trying to rescue it. I picked up a nasty injury when I impaled myself on my graphics card, the results of which you can see to the right. I thought I fixed it at 5 in the evening, but the above error greeted me after a restart (which the computer forced, the bastard).

Any suggestions? I really don’t want to take it to a shop to fix it. Partly because they’ll charge me a fortune, and partly because I am a man and automatically think “I haven’t got any porn on my PC……..have I?!?”

So, that’s today’s update. Sorry it’s not funny or informative. Colwyn Bay drew 2-2 with Belper & the referee in a handicap football match, and I’ve spent all Sunday drinking good ales and eating good food in the Pen. So even if my PC was working, the blogger probably isn’t.

And before you ask, this is written on my Wii. Yes it took forever.

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