August 21st, 2007
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Booked It, Packed It, Guest Posters Wanted


Yesterday I paid off my holiday around Europe for real. I forgot that I also needed a few nights in London, so booked myself a couple of nights either side of the holiday (I assumed Celeste didn’t appreciate me throwing my sexy parties in her flat).

So that leaves one thing to sort out.

This blog.

Fact is, I have been feverishly posting a few “Time independent” articles that will be scheduled to post whilst I am away and may post if/when I get time on my travels, but even so – I’d like a few guest posters on here.

What do you get for Guestposting?

  • I’m planning on doing a revenue share. Basically, Adsense impressions on your post page will be split 75% (to you) to 25%.
  • A link to your personal blog, plus a few other links that you put into your posts. For those of you who give a damn about certain things – My blog is a PageRank of 4 (which is good).
  • You get to look at my sexy admin panel (trust me, it is gorgeous).

The reason I am asking now is because I want to get the ball rolling. I know it’s a month away, but if people can write the posts before I go away, then I can schedule them over the holiday, and nobody is none the wiser that I am away.

I really wouldn’t mind posts that fit within the site: blogging, north wales, technology, football. Plus I don’t mind travelling posts. Hell, even if you don’t blog originally you can try your hand at it with “Stories about Rhys” if you want (I’ll check every post before it goes live, so no “Liar Liar Chip Pan Fire” stories. Ta) .

So, if you want to guest post, either leave a comment below or contact me directly. Thanks!

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