August 2nd, 2007
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Fair Review Launched!


Right, I know a lot of you will scream “hypocrite!” at me, but hear me out.

The reason I posted my post yesterday was to drum up interest into what I believe could be a better thing for bloggers everywhere.

You see, the reason why blogging has been rubbish recently is that I’ve been slogging away at a side project.

That side project is called Fair Review.

The principle is simple. Normally you review a blog and getting a plain linkback. Now you review a blog, get a linkback in two blogs (this one – for the first 100 blogs and the Fair Reivew Blog), and also get placed into the Fair Review Directory.

You can’t just bullshit though, a review must contain:

  • A link to the reviewee’s blog
  • A link to a blog post on the reviewee’s blog
  • A link to any page on the Fair Review
  • A link to the reviewee’s blog feed (optional – but if you do it, I will link to your feed too)

That’s it, no need for anchor text, as it’s more about buildng readers and getting people to visit each others blog, rather than building search engine rank.

Of course, to begin with, you need blogs to review. I sent an email out to my top 10 commenters as well as people who shared the bottom position, explaining it and giving them a free submission. Of the 15 emails I sent out, as of today, 10 returned. These blogs are:

The Gospel According To Rhys
Everything’s Eventual
Claire Phipps
The Megaphone
Grumpy Old Matt

My New Nustle | Make Money Online

So go ahead and review one of them, submit it to the directory, and who knows, maybe you will be reviewed next!

Right, as my readers, I suppose I need to ask you a question too, as you are my nearest and dearest things to friends in this blogosphere. What do you think to the idea? Is it good? Bad? What don’t you like about it? Please let me know, as a few people have said “yes it’s brillaint!” a few have said “eh…wha?”. I just want to do something a little different in the hope it takes off.

Please give your thoughts, questions or bugs (especially bugs) in the comments.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind spreading the word a little bit, I would me most grateful. Thank you!

Thank you, and have a bitching weekend! Mine is dull, no football, so have to accompany people shopping. Eurgh.

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