August 8th, 2007
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Forever Caught In A Draft


As bloggers, especially those who try and maintain a rigourous daily schedule, one of the things we need to have is “Backup Posts”: posts that can be posted at any time should you be needed elsewhere, such as the hospital, the workplace or – most likely for me – the pub. I have backup posts, which is a good thing in principle. But I feel there’s a problem.


I’ve got too many of the bastard things.

It’s not a good thing, it’s a bad thing.

My problem is that I get so many ideas for posts, I either forget them or just throw together a few sentances that will never see the light of day. Currently in draft form are 21 draft posts, and about half a notebook of ideas (“Blog about such and such, mention this, do it”). The blogs in the draft form fall into three categories, and I’ve learnt to deal with them, to get them out into the big wide world:

1. Rants
Trust me, some of you wouldn’t be reading if I posted some of the stuff I’ve written (“A Normal Post” in the screenshot is an example of a rant). I’d love to be “controversial”, like what certain bloggers out there say. However, a lot of people who claim to be “controversial” hide behind pseudonyms. You know my name and the rough area with which I live. Some of you even have my phone number. Bloggers who actually want their blogs to be useful and have LinkedIn (for business) or Facebook (for personal) profiles really shouldn’t be to controversial in my view.

Wow, that turned into a mini rant tangent. I guess what I was saying is that whilst threaputic to get it into words your thoughts, ranting about another human being in the cold light of day probably shouldn’t be published.

My advice? Ditch it.

2. Posts In Principle

Posts in principle are posts that are nearly there, and the easiest to save. One of mine, entitled “Why I am More Popular Than McDonalds, Authors and Jesus(.com)”, is almost there. It just needs a little bit of fine tuning to go into my “ready” queue. These are the easiest to save, so my advice would be to do so.

3. Old Content

These are the hardest to decide on, as it could be old news, or it could be that the moments gone. This is especially true for blogs that post about news and opinions, but even I have a few of these posts. For example, I’ve got a well written post about Zelda Twlight Princess that is complete, just needs sending. Only problem is that I haven’t talked about the game in ages. Other posts are fine, but mention Han in a girlfriend context.

My advice would be to see if the “out of place” segment of the post is key to the article. If it isn’t (like Han), then you could probably rewrite it. If it is (like the Zelda Twilight Princess), it’s worth saving, just as a “last resort completely desperate post”.

So when should you post these backup posts? Well have a look at your readers. Do your readers come to expect certain things on a certain day? Is there any trend? It could be worthwhile just throwing one out in the midst of a buzz. However most of us save them for when we can’t be arsed.

So, what gems have you got in “Your Drafts”? Any interesting titles? What about any tips on getting them out of the draft and onto the blog?

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