August 6th, 2007
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Milestones and Being Active


Forgive me if this post soothes my ego. This last week saw me achieve two massive milestones for my blog.

The first one is that I broke 300 Blogs Linking To Me On Technorati. How fabulous is that? More people link to my blog now than go to watch Colwyn Bay FC play football in Feburary. Marvellous. Also, to celebrate, Technorati rightfully listed me as the best blog in the history of the world, ever.


And do you know what really made me happy about that? The 300th blog was a review! Monkeyboy reviewed me on Saturday, and was the 300th Blog to link to me. Also, he was the first blog to submit a review for Fair Review, but wasn’t the last this weekend. If you’d like to get more readers for your blog, why not take part in Fair Review?

The other, and more important thing is this from my feedburner stats:


On Thursday, I finally broke the 100 subscribers to my RSS Feed. It had taken me 5 or so years (of which I’ve only been trying for 2 or so) to do so, but I’ve finally done it. I guess the thing that really pushed it was the fact there’s a big huge orange button in the header (the same with E-mail subscriptions and technorati favourited), so if you want to break the magic 100, my tip would be to use an ace button, and stick it right in the centre of the header.

Anyway, wonderous joy of joys aside, I have had a fairly dull weekend with few highlights. One lowlight was a weigh in, and I have put on half a stone in weight.


This has got me thinking: I really want to join a sports club. Not just for the being active side of things but also for the social side of things. I was never very good at football, but wouldn’t mind taking up an indoor sport (was half decent at basketball in my day). Unfortunately, I don’t know where to look. If anybody has any ideas, bonus points if you live in North Wales and know where to look, please please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

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