August 28th, 2007
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PC Repair Update, Six Nil Thrashings and Blog Burnout


Hi everybody, I hope you all had a nice bank holiday weekend.

An update on the PC – quite simply, it’s as stable as a pyschopath’s backside after a chicken vindaloo. Thanks to the wonderful people at PC Tech Forums, and running DOS programs almost all weekend (there’s something rather romantic with running DOS programs don’t you think?! Like it’s nostalgic and the times when PC’s were not all conquering. I even had to buy floppy disks for all sorts of memory checking programs. Such is the romance. Anyway, back from the tangent), I’ve managed to narrow it down to probably RAM failure. I will replace it sometime soon, but at the moment, I’m quite frankly skint. I will say this, if you have half decent intelligence, I do recommend their Free Computer Repair Help Forum (notice the keywords, these guys deserve my sticky google juice) should your PC be screwed beyond comparison.

In happier news Colwyn Bay won 6-0 at the weekend against Shepshed Dynamo. Whilst it could be argued that Shepshed deserved at least a goal, I am chuffed to bits. We’ve scored 10 in 2 games. Whoever says “The Bay are Shit, why don’t you support a proper team?!”, should be quiet. No disrespect to the Dynamo, but there are harder games to come, we may not dominate, but we’ve had a fantastic start to the season. Come on the Bay!

That was followed up with a barbecue, and a nice meal out in Llandudno on Sunday. What was rather nice was a conversation had with a girl in Llandudno Woolworths. Yes, a girl. We smiled, we joked, we had that awkward bit of sexual tension that usually means “Rhys, you’re just being perverted”. But in my mind at least, she liked me in that way. Plus she was gorgeous too.

The other thing I have enjoyed is that I’ve been away from the computer for large parts of the weekend (it’s been on, just I haven’t been watching it). I’ll be honest, it has been a struggle coming back to the PC and write a post. How do you guys mentally prepare for returning to the blog after a spot on the sidelines?!

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