August 10th, 2007
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Sheds, Thunderstorms and Cricket


This weekend I am looking forward to, as for the first time in god knows how long I’ve got a weekend of fun frolics planned.

The main hub of it is Ian and Ste are coming to visit, and we are going to watch the Cricket in Colwyn Bay. As it stands, the score is Northants on 115-6, chasing Glamorgan’s 465 with two days left to play. Apparently it’s a good batting pitch in the Bay, so who knows.

The one thing I am scared about is the weather, as it could spoil the cricket.


Anybody know if beercans conduct electricity?

Oh well, if it’s threatening tomorrow morning, then we shall head to watch The Mighty Seagulls take on The Marines instead, with the promise of Liverpool/Aston Villa clash in the early evening. We’re having our new home kit this weekend too, so wouldn’t mind to see that.

Following that, we are all meeting up for Sibley’s birthday celebrations in Llandudno. This will be interesting, as it’s probably one of the first times that my home and uni mates meet up, and it’s certainly the first time on my turf. One thing I am scared about is my home mates automatically assume that I support Man United, whilst some of my uni mates automatically assume that I am more of a Liverpool supporter. I really don’t have the heart to tell that it’s Colwyn Bay FC is my first love, and I’d like to see them both do well.

If it was Liverpool vs. Man U? Hmmm…that would be telling!

In other news, which I’m telling you about as it’s a manly thing to do, we have a new shed.


Look at it, it’s huge! Especially from the inside – any garden storage device I can stand up in is big. Think of the abducted children you could fit in there!


Mum doesn’t approve of it, but I see potential. When they bugger off to Dublin for the week I’m painting the url for both this site and Fair Review on it. When the Google Earth satellite gets it’s arse in gear and takes photos anywhere west of Wrexham, then I’ll have free advertising! Wheee!

Oh, and the smug git who runs “La Resistance” has joined my fantasy league for another season. If you still want to enter, get your teams in by 10am tomorrow morning.

Right, see you Monday (I’ve timestamped a couple of posts, but I won’t be physically here).

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