August 5th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 05/08/07


With all the excitement and growth surrounding Fair Review, I almost forgot this week’s Sunday speedlinking. Here it is.

  • Han showed me this picture of a station no more than 30th minutes away. What’s the deal? It has been Dugg Tremendously. And to think I have tried to make the Digg front page on more than one occassion. Now I know all I need to do is record an MP3 of saying that word. If only my server could afford to suffer the Digg Effect, then I’d do it.
  • Apparently, according to researchers, An Untidy Bed Is Good For You. The research states that house dust mites are appalled by the state of beds so don’t want to live there. That’s a new one to use on ladies, isn’t it? “Won’t you go to bed with me tonight? There’s no dustmites there!”.
  • Anybody else remember these Cup Noodles Adverts? I remember them vividly from my childhood, so
  • We’re all told to save engergy, but what about browsing the internet? Anything you can do then? Well apparently you can, as white pixels use up more energy than black ones. As a result, somebody came up with Blackle Energy Saving Search which is google, but on a dark background. If you want to take your tree hugging hippy fetish one step further, you can do so using Blackle!
  • Finally, I was surprised to see the iGasm a “marital aid” that plugs directly into your iPod, that gives you good vibrations should you be listening to Mika or whoever. I saw Aussie Rhys post about the iGasm about a month ago, I didn’t think it was actually real!

Right, that’s your lot for today. If you want to be featured next week, please contact me.

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