August 19th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking for 19/08/07

  • So I was looking for an RSS Logo for the Fair Review Blog, and look what google turned up (third image). Please explain why?
  • I saw this story on the BBC to make Real Ales More Friendlier For Girls. It’s ironic to consider that the last time they tried making bitter’s more female friendly, they created Lager (which is now the most popular alcoholic drink amongst men). As you could probably tell, I’m a bitter and real ale drinker. I quite like being in the minority. I look down on the Fosters and Carling drinkers of this world. If more women could appreciate it though, that’d be good. What’s your poison?
  • It’s only been out for a few weeks, and there is already a NES emulator for the iPhone
  • From Han comes the best video game/movie tie in. Minsweeper: The Movie
  • To lower the tone from Tech Digest comes Wee Sports. A high tech version of Urinal Subbuteo. Basically, you use your natural jetstream to guide a car home. It’s to prevent accidents on the road from drunk drivers, so it has a good message!

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