August 26th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking For 26/08/07


Here’s today Sunday speedlinking, featuring.

  • Plugins! From Daily Blog Tips is this rather special plugin that tracks clicks. I’ve been running it for a week and there’s a few interesting things to note. I should write a post about it (general jist – Buy Adicons)
  • Quilts! Somebody over at Evil Mad Scientist have made a quilt to look like that classic arcade game Q*Bert. Considering that quilts are usually found on beds, and babies are usually made in bed, you wonder if the quilt – to set the scene – would change all dirty talk to “@!?#@!”?
  • Vista! On a Super Nintendo no less. Though it’s actually on a SNES, I am Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Tits! For when they talk about it in the video I linked with that word, I was bent over with laughter. From The Blog Herald and Naughty Merrick.
  • Hateful Asylum Seekers Giving War Veterans Property AIDS! From the Guardian comes “The Daily Mail Diet”: a story about one man living in a world where he reads nothing but the Daily Mail. I think it’s only a trailer, but it looks like it could be pretty eye opening (and funny).

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