August 12th, 2007
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Sunday Speedlinking from 12/08/07


Here’s your links for this Sunday.

  • Mashable‘s James Thomas has taken over the mantra of “Best Blog Comment Ever” with this cracker on a post entitled “Eminem Sues Apple for Music Rights”
  • wheresitaly.jpgNeatorama has posted a European Version of Statetris commenting that “It’s much harder than the US one”. Bullshit. See if you can put the country in the picture on the map correctly
  • From the femgeek forums is “Time Breakdown To Morden Web Design” from Alsa Creations. It’s a little old – I’d never use tables over CSS now – but it’s still relevant (especially the “Getting The Bastard Thing To Work in Fucking Internet Fucking Explorer” bit).
  • From Wii Wii comes “Paper Gadgets”, templates of machines you can print out and fold origami style into the shape of an iPhone, or as a Wii. What bet that the paper fold out of the PS3 will be worth more than the console in 6 months time?
  • Again from Wii Wii is The Puzzling Ads in Wave Race 64. Seems to me that future releases for XBox Live and Virtual Console may have to be edited to avoid legal wranglings. How far do you reckon they will go?

If you see something that’s cool and you want your link here on a sunday, why not let me know about it!?

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