August 13th, 2007
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The Weekend’s Events


Good morning everybody! I’ll be honest, I’m rather uninspired at the moment with blogging. The weekend was fun seeing Ian and Ste, but I am rather tired now.

Both Friday and Saturday night was fun in Llandudno. On the Friday we went to a few bars dotted around town, and even one I’ve never seen before, the Alexandra. It must be new, or it was slightly off the beaten track, as I had never acknowledged it before that night. It was an Irish bar, with a leprechaun weeing as their symbol for the blokes and girls. Classy.

Saturday was taken up with Cricket until half 4 – it was a rather uninspiring game with few wickets fallen, and the match petered out to a draw – and then watching Liverpool vs. Aston Villa in another pub I’ve never been in: Neville’s Bar. The irony was not lost on me.

In the evening, for the first time everâ„¢, my Uni mates and home mates collided in an evening of drunken antics. I say antics, it was quite quiet for a “Big Night Out In Llandudno”. We did also regretfully end up in Broadway, which was full of knuckle dragging illiterates, one of which was looking to fight me. Luckily I did the manly thing and make myself scarce.

I’ll be honest, I fear for the future of our society if the people who regularly frequent there have anything to do with it. I honestly reckon the best course of action could be on a given Saturday locking the doors and gassing the building.

Right, happier news now, and something slightly more bloggable – I bought a cricket shirt, and regained the mantle as “most obscure sporting kit owned” from Richard, and his Ospreys Shirt


I’ve also decided to do a Shoemoney, and try and wear as many different football/rugby/sports tops on my trip around Europe as I can. Feel a bit cheeky asking for shirts, so will raid cupboards and charity shops for them. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Oh, and one more thing, Sarah was right, I do look like a cock in Aviator sunglasses.

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