August 23rd, 2007
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Three Alternative Ways To Increase Your RSS Readers


RSS makes reading blogs more efficient. To find out about RSS, I encourage you to read What is RSS?, but the general jist of it is that RSS Feeds allow all the blogs you read to be in one place. As a blogger, you should build your RSS Readers, because they are your repeated visitors. Whilst good content and all that jazz is important, here are a few alternative, bordering on evil, ways to build your readership.

1. Comment using your Feed URL as your URL

Should you ever visit Super Huge Mega Bloggers site, you may get a few curious clickthroughs from people to your site. Instead of directing them to your site, why not put your feed URL in the “Homepage” blog. Most good browsers (and Internet Explorer) usually save your feed in the “Live Bookmarks” folder, or load it up in something like Google Reader. Bish bash bosh, another reader, who will probably at least read once or twice what you have to say.

2. Blog Exclusively For RSS Readers

There are a number of plugins that have the ability to add text exclusively to the bottom of posts, kinda like the “Feedadvertising” bit on Text Link Ads. Why not include a little extra text to the bottom of posts? A little extra bonus for your readers. A good example was over at Pureblogging: they are running a competition where to enter you had to type in a secret word in their RSS feed.

3. Use Your God Given Assets To Create A RS Breasts Button
I’m surprised a number of my female readers (**cough**Merrick**cough**) haven’t done something like this, as I’d probably do it if I had two X Chromosomes, breasts, a flat stomach, and a few bottles of wine:

RSS + Breasts = RS Breasts!

Degrading? Probably. Sexist? Probably. Will it get you more readers? Abso-fucking-lutely! A little titillation goes a long way, especially in blogging. “Would you like to see more?” could easily relate to point 2, couldn’t it? So you’re not techically a liar.

Certainly, if you had a similar button on your blog, I’d subscribe. I’m shallow like that.

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