August 30th, 2007
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Three Best Football Chants Ever


One of my favourite things about “The Beautiful Game” of football is that the fans are some of the most creative people in the world. From a finite number of songs, they can change the lyrics to sing about their heroes/enemies in creative and funny ways that’d make Wierd Al Yankovic’s lyrics seem insipid and boring. With that said, here are three of my favourite football chants ever. These three made me chuckle profusely, and – whilst I’d love to know all the words to “Sol, Sol, Wherever You May Be” – I can’t include it because I don’t. Like all good football chants, they’re easy to learn.

I’m not including cruel chants such as the afformented “Sol, Sol” or “There’s Only Two Andy Gorams”. So, here goes.

1. “He Shoots, He scores, he’ll eat your labradors”
Probably my favourite chant of all time, and it takes lighthearted mick of a common stereotype. The chant is aimed at Park Ji-Sung, Manchester United’s South Korean attacking midfielder, who rather ironically is a weak finisher. Nevertheless, it’s sung in jest by the home crowd.

2. “The Referee’s a camel”
I had to get a Colwyn Bay chant in there, didn’t I? This chant was sung at the Colwyn Bay vs. Cammell Laird Semi Final Playoffs. We were getting a few decisions against us.

3. “We can sing better than your wife”
Even Americans, who have little to no knowledge of football, come up with some doozeys. This was sung during David Beckham’s debut for LA Galaxy.

What are some of your favourites? Share them in the comments. You can see a weekly update with some great chants on the BBC Fun and Games page.

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