August 9th, 2007
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Three Cool Facebook Applications For You To Try


My Facebook Profile, ever since the API has been released, has become bloated with all sort of wierd and wonderful applications. No, I’m not going to be either a Pirate or a Ninja (Pirates are cooler though), nor do I want to “bite” my friends (well, some of them anyway). So, after seeing a list on Kyle’s Cove of the top facebook applications, I thought I’d check out a few, and post a few favourites.

fbcompare.jpg1. Compare People
Definitely my favourite app on my profile. Compare People allows you – quite simply – to compare your in relation to one another. You compare across a number of different categories (including the quite cruel “No Mercy” category), and are ranked at the end. Unsurprisingly, I’m considered to be more creative, organised, sense of humour than most of my friends, but less athletic and attractive (woe!). Although, for some reason I was voted “less trustworthy”, which has made me paranoid. Can I really not be trusted?

fbff.jpg2. Fantasy Football
Those of you who joined my fantasy football league who have no interest in The Beautiful Game will now be delighted know you can be harrassed through facebook too! It’s slightly different rules, prices and setup to the one I’m running it on, but what the hey, it’s football, and it was fun to setup. I’m not sure if I’ve got a league on that, so if anybody has, please let me know!

fbmetroid.jpg3. Nintendo Emulator
Not sure of the legality of this, but what the hey. Quite simply, it’s a NES emulator from within facebook. The fact it’s still a bit dodgy and doesn’t always work does prevent this from being in the top two, the fact is that it’s pretty much every Nintendo NES game ever released is something special, and will probably get me fired for timewasting at some point in the not to distant future. I wonder if anybody has completed Metroid on the Facebook version, all the way through. Bonus points if you are in an office environment (please don’t do this, it’s stupid and you could end up in the shit).

Right, those are my picks, what about yous?

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