August 2nd, 2007
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Three Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Review an A-List Blogger


Quite a popular fad for A-Listers to show they care about their readers whilst they march onto their millions is to offer a review scheme, where often you have to meet certain criteria (link using these words, don’t like using these words, be positive, do this, do that, etc.) in order to receive a link back from their blog. I have received a number (3 or 4 to be precise) of e-mails asking me “why don’t I review these blogs?”. Personally, I’ve never seen the need, as it’s strikes similar in my eyes to McDonalds “Sport in the Community” Programs they are always doing, as the benefit to you is far far far outweighed to the benefit for them. Here’s why.

1. The “Strong Link Back” You Get Isn’t Strong

Sure, the front page may be a Page Rank of 6 or so, but you’ll drop off that page quicker than a bad habit. And then what you are left with is usually an unranked link from that blog, shared with 10 others, to the post you made about them, rather than to your blog. As such, any google juice that your front page will get minimal at the absolute best.

Plus, there have been occasions where bloggers have become blacklisted, and Google have thrown them out of their search engines. Generally if you link to a blacklisted site, warning signals go off at Google HQ and your site could be affected. Not great, eh?

2. They Attract Human Spam

I’ve seen people do these reviews before, and often these A-Listers have groupies who have their tongue firmly wedged solidly in the bumcrack of their chosen A-Lister. As such, they will copy what they do, and try and piggyback on the success of their chosen A-lister. So, if you do review them, expect comments from dedicated bloggers who have been blogging for all of two days, have adsense plastered everywhere, and expect the comments to say “review my blog! review my blog!”. Blogs like that should really be left to die, when their owner gives up after a week.

3. It Achieves Nothing For You, You Big Pagerank Whore

Darren at Problogger got it right when he did his Group Writing Project. He got multiple e-mails from “SEO Experts” saying “You shouldn’t link to all those people, won’t you PLEASE think of your Google Ranking?!?!?”. Darren, in true Aussie fashion, told them to bugger off, as he was helping the community. Building readers is the best, easiest and quickest way to become hugely successful and sleep with models, building pagerank will leave you alone, in your room, at night. Make people want to link to you, rather than telling them.

Why am I blogging this? Yes, it’s a ranty post, and some of you may think it’s hypocritical in light of the e-mail I sent to some of you yesterday. However, I am launching something tomorrow that will hopefully put the “Review me and get a strong link back!” to rest forever.

Have you ever reviewed an A-List Blogger? What was the effect on your blog? Was it worthwhile? Or pointless? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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