August 31st, 2007
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Top Respect To The Top Commenters – August


Right, bit of a change today, as like every month for the past, err, month, I’m going to thank the top commenters and advertisers, by encouraging you to visit them.

Also, I’d like to thank Rhys – who really should change his name to appear in the “Top Commenters List” – for commenting loads as well. Not sure where he fits into the grand scheme of things.

I would also like to thank my direct sponsor from this month – Blogduck. He bought an Adicon on this blog, which is proving for the icons on there to be a nice little way to send traffic to blogs. Below is a heatmap generated from Crazy Egg over the course of a week (15th August 2007 – 22nd August 2007) to see how well many clicks they received (I’ve also included my Text Link Ads Links as a comparison).


The reddy colours mean more clicks, obviously.

So if you want to be included in next months post, either buy some advertising on here, or comment loads.

Right, lets finish on some questions (Google and you’re gay):

  1. Which English league team’s football ground is closest to the River Mersey?
  2. You are watching 2nd of May play 3rd of February in a football match. Which country are you in?
  3. Which English football club is considered to be the oldest football club in the world? (This was in the Rhos Fynach Quiz on Tuesday. If you answer what people believe the answer to be, I will explain why it’s wrong).

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