August 22nd, 2007
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Two Short Planks


Aled got his A-Level results (exams you sit in the UK which determine which university you go to) last Thursday.

He managed a to get a BBC, which was enough to get him into Loughborough University. Congratulations to him.

There was a twinge of ego shrinking in his wonderful news: officially, I’m the thickest child in the Wynne family.

Rick did well, Aled did well, I did rather shitty with my BCD. Sure, I still got into Liverpool and had an awesome time there, but the fact remains that my A-Levels were pretty rubbish.

Two things I learned though:

1. A Levels Do Matter
Certain companies (**cough**IBM**cough**) wouldn’t look at me with my grades, so if you’re to sit them soon, don’t fuck them up.

2. They are NOT getting any easier
First of all, how can calculus or Shakespeare change over 5 years? I know I did take a look at some of Al’s coursework, and it was exactly the same as mine. I don’t know how they mark it, but it didn’t seem any harder.

So, how did you do in your A Levels, if you got them last week or last decade? I’m particularly happy to hear from people who got worse A Levels than me.

In other news: My PC is even more screwed than it was on Monday, but my focus has been on Bonnie, who has not been well. She’s getting better now, but to all those who say I’ve got my priorities wrong – heed this: blog < dog.

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